Welcome to Digishotz Studio!

Established in 1995, Digishotz specializes in corporate commercial photography. Our offerings include believable transparencies and aerial drone photography during spring and summer seasons. Scroll down and click around to see and learn more about our offerings that can invigorate your marketing.

Digishotz Transparencies

Float Into Your Marketing!

Get your image out of the square and float directly over your backgroud with a Digishotz image transparency.  This type of image of yourself enables you to be placed over your media’s background, giving your marketing piece a more cohesive flow as opposed to looking template-driven. We do not cut you out of the background, but rather we pull the chroma from the image. This preserves the fine edging detail around the image and throughout the hair.


Take Your Images and Video to a Higher Level!

Sometimes the waterfront is just out of sight. Lift the camera a little higher, say 200 feet, and voila you have a property showing its proximity to the water. The expanse of an acreage property can be very difficult to capture from ground level. Let’s soar up around 350′ and capture the entire property in one shot. This is all possible now due to innovations in drone photography. When performed by a licensed UAS professional, your aerial shots can be safely and legally captured.

3D 360° Imaging

Our Version of Virtual Reality

Submerse yourself and your clients into the image, allowing a virtual walk-around for a truer feeling of the property in terms of perspective, quality and layout.